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Introducing Experience AI

Experience AI is an educational programme that offers cutting-edge resources on artificial intelligence and machine learning for teachers and students aged 11–14. Developed in collaboration by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Google DeepMind, the programme supports teachers in the exciting and fast-moving area of AI, and gets young people passionate about the subject.

Young people need to understand AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications are already changing many aspects of our lives. From search engines, social media content recommenders, self-driving cars, and facial recognition software, to AI chatbots and image generation, these technologies are increasingly common in our everyday world.

Young people who understand how AI works will be better equipped to engage with the world around them, make informed decisions about using and creating AI applications, and choose what role AI will play in their futures. They will also gain better critical thinking skills and awareness of how they might use AI to come up with new, creative solutions to problems they care about.

Experience AI Lessons

We have developed a set of free lessons that have everything teachers need to deliver AI and machine learning sessions in your secondary school classroom, including lesson plans, slide decks, worksheets, and videos.

The lessons focus on AI applications that are relatable for young people, and we've designed them so that teachers in a wide range of subjects can use them. You'll also find the lessons useful outside of a school setting, such as in a coding club.

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Online course: Understanding AI for educators

This free, three-week course from the Raspberry Pi Foundation helps you learn about different types of tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) and how they may affect the world of work and learning.

You'll discover the types of problems that AI tools can help to solve, try out some tools for yourself, and consider how you can discuss the risks, opportunities, and ethical considerations surrounding AI technologies with young learners.

This course is designed for anyone who helps educate young people, whether formally as a teacher or in a non-formal capacity such as a parent or club volunteer.

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Experience AI Challenge

We offer a free, open-ended challenge that gives young people the real-world experience of developing their own AI app, powered by a machine learning (ML) model they have trained. Our resources show how it works step by step before giving participants the freedom to make unique projects. This challenge is a great entry point into creating AI applications, and young people will learn the skills to apply ML to topics and problems they care about.

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Global impact through partnerships

To equip young people around the world with AI literacy skills, we are building a global network of Experience AI partners.

These partners are educational organisations dedicated to growing the digital skills of young people and educators in their countries.

Through our partners' local expertise, we are able to provide tailored and translated resources, support schools and teachers through quality training, and create more opportunities for young people to learn about AI technologies and how to use them.

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