Lesson 6: Model cards and careers

In this lesson, students will finish the AI project lifecycle by creating a model card to explain their ML model. In the final activities, students will explore a range of AI-related careers. They will hear from people working in the field of AI, as well as considering how AI applications and machine learning can be used in fields they are interested in.

Learning objectives

  • Evaluate an ML model
  • Produce a model card to explain an ML model
  • Recognise the range of opportunities that exist in AI-related careers

Key vocabulary

AI project lifecycle, machine learning model, model cards, class, label, training, testing, accuracy, confidence score, confidence threshold

Lesson structure

  • Predicting future crime
  • Evaluation and explainability
  • Using a model card
  • Create your own model card
  • Careers in AI and machine learning
  • The use of AI applications in other fields

Lesson overview

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