Large Language Models (LLMs) - PSHE

This lesson is a sequence of activities designed to educate students about the development of large language models (LLMs). The activities will give students the opportunity to explore the purpose and functionality of LLMs, while also examining the critical aspect of trustworthiness in their output.

Learning objectives

  • Describe the purpose of a large language model (LLM)
  • Recognise and discuss why the output of an LLM is not always trustworthy
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of an LLM for a range of authentic scenarios

Key vocabulary

Accuracy, Artificial Intelligence, Bias, Data, Language models, Predictions, Trust

Lesson structure

  • LLMs
  • The data
  • Internet search engines vs LLM chatbots
  • Not a human
  • To LLM or not to LLM?

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