The Experience AI Challenge

A free challenge that helps young people make projects with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Why take part?

The Experience AI Challenge can be used as a stretch project or supplementary resource to help young people develop a broader understanding of the influence of AI on society. It can be completed in three one-hour sessions.

By participating in the Challenge, with the support of mentors, young people develop a range of skills beyond coding, including ethical considerations, computational thinking, and design.

The Challenge is for AI beginners — mentors don't need any previous computing experience to support the activities, and young people don't need any to take part and become AI creators.

The Challenge can also be used by educators or volunteers outside of school settings, such as in a coding club, or by parents.

The Challenge is a chance for young people's imaginations to run free as they explore AI.

What's involved?

With the support of mentors and our free resources, young people are guided in how to train and test machine learning models that classify data such as audio, text, or images. Then they create their own model and use it to create a unique AI project.

The Challenge has three stages of activities:

  • Discovering how machine learning works and what projects are possible
  • Getting hands-on with a guided example project
  • Designing and creating a unique AI project

How to get started

  • To access the resource pack sign up for, or log into, your Raspberry Pi Foundation account.
  • Read through the mentor guide in the pack and watch the instructional video to get started. The Challenge has three stages, which involve around 3 hours of activities.
  • At the start of the Challenge, share the creator guide and workbook with your young people and set them up on the Machine Learning for Kids and Scratch websites.
  • Young people then follow the guide and use the workbook to craft their machine learning model using Machine Learning for Kids and then code an application based on the model in Scratch.
  • What model young people craft and what their AI application does is up to them. Let their imaginations run free.

Please note that all resources for this Experience AI Challenge are in English only.

Download free resource pack

To download the resource pack, please first log in with or create a free Raspberry Pi Foundation account.
We will ask you a few questions before the download to help us understand how young people will get involved in the Experience AI Challenge.