Lesson 5: Solving problems with ML models

In this lesson, students will be introduced to the AI project lifecycle and use it to create a machine learning model. They will apply a user-focused approach to working on AI projects. They will choose a project, then train a machine learning model, then test their model to determine its accuracy.

Learning objectives

  • Describe the stages of the AI project lifecycle
  • Use a machine learning tool to import data and train a model
  • Test and examine the accuracy of an ML model

Key vocabulary

AI project lifecycle, data cleaning, machine learning model, class, label, training, testing, accuracy, confidence score, confidence threshold

Lesson structure

  • Order the stages of the AI project lifecycle
  • User-focused approach
  • Stage 1: Defining the problem
  • Stage 2: Preparing the data
  • Stage 3: Training the model
  • Stage 4: Testing the model
  • Reporting on the accuracy of a model

Lesson overview

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